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Free football predictions for 21/06/2018
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Techniques to Enhance Your Sports Trading Psychology and Performance

A growing number of people bet on sport each year. Some are casual punters, others more dedicated, whilst an ever-increasing number of people are attempting to join the new breed of professional betting-exchange traders.

The fact is, though, that the majority of people who bet on sport lose money over time; only a very small percentage make profits in the long run.

It used to be worse. The introduction and rise of the betting exchanges has had a positive impact not just on the number of people who are betting on sport, but also on the percentage who are winning. This is down to the more favourable odds they tend to offer – by eliminating the middle man they provide a fairer market (no more ‘over round’, the bookies’ advantage in their calculated odds) – as well as the ability they provide to not just back but also lay, or oppose, selections.

Sports Betting to Win
“The main challenge to being successful at sports betting is discipline.” – Steve Taylor

Many people who bet are unable to generate a desirable (profitable) return on a consistent basis. In some cases this is in spite of considerable in-depth knowledge and skills. Regardless of how sound their strategies appear (and might actually be), they seem to fall short of their goals when betting.

If you are to be successful at sports betting, you need to be prepared and able to cope with the range of temptations and pressures that overcome the vast majority of the people who enter the sports markets. Betting presents you with opportunities to make, or lose, large sums of money in short periods of time. Discipline helps you to make money, keep what you have made and not lose too much when you do lose.

We at Betadvisor Club provide you an inside view of:

  • 1 . “Maintaining discipline and detachment. Being able to equally accept swings of fortune (either way).”
  • 2. “Discipline, not getting greedy and keeping your head cool.”
  • 3. “Patience. Falling into the trap of gambling. Researching events.”
  • 4. “Discipline to keep bets at the set size of bank.”
  • 5. “Staying calm when bets go against you.”
  • 6. “Not doing too many bets.”
  • 7. “Getting used to thinking about how to minimise loss as opposed to ‘how much will I win?’”
  • 8. “Discipline. Strict guidelines. Do not gamble. Be patient.”
  • 9. “Being selective in your betting.”
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